Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We provide made to measure desks and furniture for home and office. We offer a wide range of products with endless applications. We have a range of styles and finishes and a number of accessories to provide the perfect furniture solution for your specific needs.

Our customer examples page is a great resource on which you can view past orders and get inspiration for your own custom plywood project.

You can also look at our gallery for real-life photos of past orders.

If you would like to see a sample of our plywood, you can order from our samples page. This will give you a chance to check the quality, and the cost of the sample is then deducted from your order fee. You can click here to order plywood samples. To ensure we can get samples out quickly, we provide samples in white laminated plywood, then send a colour swatch of your chosen Formica colour to pair with it. 

Rest assured, although our samples come in white, your order can be made in any Formica colour and you can order the free colour swatches here

We do understand it can be daunting ordering from an online store and we are working hard to relieve some of that angst. We certainly strive to achieve high quality and workmanship, and you are welcome to read our feedback pages for some assurance.

We are proudly British. All of our design and manufacturing happens in the south of the UK using cutting edge CNC technology, ensuring furniture is built accurately and to the highest quality.

Yes. Our plywood is an FSC mix from responsible sources. The FSC Mix label ensures that sourcing originates only from acceptable non-controversial harvesting, including material from FSC-certified forests, recycling and/or controlled wood.

Also, for every product bought, we plant a tree. This comes at no cost to the customer, and we will automatically add your 'free tree' to your order. Read more about our partnership with One Tree Planted.

How it works

Our online store and 3d configurator allows you to customise our full range of products, and get a live quote.

Alternatively, for slight variations and bespoke orders, simply get in touch with a sketch and your dimensions, and we will provide a quote. If you’re looking for a ballpark figure for your custom plywood furniture project, we advise starting with the configurator. 

Yes. It is important we ensure the design is correct prior to production, so after you have placed your order, we will email drawings for you to approve. This is your chance to check your design and measurements again, and tweak if necessary. 

We base our prices on the measurements you provide, so it’s best to get the design as accurate as possible at the order stage. However, you will get a chance to approve the drawings prior to production, so we can make reasonable* changes here if required.

*Extra charges may apply if the furniture dimensions alter dramatically, or there are significant design changes.

Once you have approved the drawings and the order sent to production, we are no longer able to make changes. Please check your measurements thoroughly. (And then once more . . .)

1 week for stock items (legs, brackets, cable trays etc)

2-4 weeks for flat panels (desktops, shelves etc)

3-6 weeks for flat panels with parts (desk with legs, shelves with brackets etc)

4-8 weeks for 3d products (complete desks, storage etc)

Please refer to the information on each product page.

Please note, the turnaround time is from approval of drawings and NOT the order date.

If you can’t customise our standard product(s) to your exact requirements, then please contact us and we will seek to provide you with the perfect solution.

For more complicated orders, please book a call to speak to a designer. 

Product Finishes

Our natural panels are lacquered all over, laminated panels have laminated faces and oiled edges.

We use Formica laminate and you can order the free colour swatches here

Yes. Although our samples come in white, your order can be made in any Formica colour and you can order the free colour swatches here

To avoid overwhelm, we show only the most popular colours on our website. You can actually order even more swatches on the Formica site, and we can build your furniture in any chosen colour.

We can also laminate our products using any other laminate from the market (e.g. Altofina). If you do not see the laminate you’re after in the colour option of the configurator, select ‘other’ and write your product code in the description. Alternatively, if you have a colour code, enter that and we will find the best laminate match.

We use high-quality plywood which does not require edging. A lot of furniture is made using cheap board which needs hiding, however we want to show off the natural element of this beautiful material. We believe this is what makes our products stand out on the market, and clients often comment on the high workmanship of our furniture. 

Unfortunately, no. To prevent risk of warping, laminate must be applied on both sides. 

Yes. Please click here to order plywood samples. To ensure we can get samples out quickly, we provide samples in white laminated plywood, then send a colour swatch of your chosen Formica colour to pair with it. 

Rest assured, although our samples come in white, your order can be made in any Formica colour and you can order the free colour swatches here

No, plywood is very strong and the edges are sanded smooth. We also chamfer all edges.

Wheels are rubber coated.

Measuring / Product Sizing

The total desktop height is the leg length, plus the thickness of the plywood as chosen under ‘style’ (18mm, 24mm or 36mm). We also add 5mm feet to any plywood leg/support. 

The length and width measurements are external, and the height measurement is internal. 

The width measurement for the Custom Plywood Drawer Boxes with Blum soft close and push to open runners is the width of the internal gap. 

Our high-grade plywood sheets dictate the maximum size we can build before we need a join. Our sheets are 2.4 x 1.2m OR 3 x 1.5m.

Smaller units 12mm, larger units 18mm

Our Custom Plywood Desks with Round Legs have 15 mm adjustment

The Custom Plywood Desk with Plywood Legs has feet adjustable by 5-10 mm

The Custom Plywood Desk with Height Adjustable Legs can go from 710 - 920 mm, and set to any position within this range

Depending on the size of your product and the thickness of the plywood chosen, you can calculate the weight using these values:

18mm thick - 12kg per square metre

24mm thick - 16kg per square metre

36mm thick - 24kg per square metre

We can control how much the mattress sinks into the frame by 1) the height of the frame 2) the position of the slatted base inside the frame.

Once you place the order we provide detailed drawings, which will allow you to get this detail exactly right.

Customising Products

Yes, we can put holes anywhere. Just add your requirements in the notes section.

Yes, simply add the request to the notes section of your order. 

Yes, simply add the products to your cart and make a note in the notes section. Remember, you will receive drawings of your order before it is sent to production, so you’ll have chance to check the design over once you’ve ordered. 

Yes, the supports can be all legs rather than solid sides. The positioning of the legs depends on the size of your desk and how you envisage it looking. Sending a simple sketch with your design idea and measurements enables us to get an idea of what you’re after and provide a quote. 

Unfortunately we do not currently offer floating shelves, however our plain shelves are solid core plywood so you are welcome to source your own floating shelve bracket and we can drill the holes for you. 

Yes, one of the advantages of using plywood is we don’t need to edge the material which means we can cut any shape.

If you have a list of panels, we can provide the CNC cutting file and produce that for you. Enquire here for more details. 

If you’re on a budget, combining our custom plywood products with standard IKEA is a great way to reduce cost.

For example, people may use IKEA kitchen carcasses, and then have plywood door fronts. Or some clients have used IKEA desk stands, and have us build a custom desktop to fit. 

If you’re looking to combine a Made in Ply custom plywood desktop with an IKEA stand and do not yet have the IKEA stand, we can order the stand and pre-drill the holes in the correct position on the desktop. Let us know the legs you would like, along with your desk dimensions, and we will send you a quote. Once happy, we will order the legs and drill the holes as necessary, then deliver the entire product for you to assemble, or choose an assembly installation option. 

To combine a desktop with an IKEA stand that you already own, set the frame to the size you want and then send us a simple drawing to show the size of the desktop and the position of the holes for us to cut from.

Alternatively, we can supply the top only and you can drill the holes yourself.


Our online configurator enables you to see the price of your furniture, which changes depending on how you personalise the product.

We have developed a pricing strategy for all of our products based on a cost per square metre. Thus; prices increase with size. Our prices may vary from time to time due to supply and demand.

Prices on our stores may vary from bespoke orders. 

For bespoke orders, please use the online product configurator to check your furniture is likely to be within budget, and then make an enquiry or book a call if you need to speak to a designer about more complicated orders. 

Please fill out the form for us to check if you qualify, and we will be in touch. Alternatively, please make an enquiry providing more details on your requirements.

Yes. The more you buy, the more you can save. Please use the request a quote feature on the cart page and we can apply a discount.

Alternatively you can make an enquiry providing more details on your requirements.

Delivery & Assembly

Turnaround times may vary during particularly busy periods, however, we generally deliver products within the following time frames:

1 week for stock items (legs, brackets, cable trays etc)
2-4 weeks for flat panels (desktops, shelves etc)
3-6 weeks for flat panels with parts (desk with legs, shelves with brackets etc)
4-8 weeks for 3d products (complete desks, storage etc)

Please note the turnaround time is from approval of drawings and NOT the order date.

We ship our products via either standard couriers or our private courier.

Full info here.

We will be in touch via email a few days before the dispatch to check someone will be available to receive the order. If we do not have client confirmation on the delivery date, we will move the delivery to the next available delivery slot.  

Larger products are flat packed so they can be delivered and passed through doors etc. Smaller products are pre-assembled.

Our flat pack products have been designed to enable easy self-assembly, and we provide instructions. Please note, this often requires two people.

Alternatively, we can provide an assembly service for an additional cost. 

More information on Assembly here.

Yes. When ordering large items, please be aware of how the delivery might enter the building. If there is limited access, we might need to produce the furniture to enable assembly on site (for example, in two pieces). We cannot be held responsible should an order not fit into the building, so please consider this. 

For large orders, please consider how you will receive this and ensure someone is available to help lift.

Our products can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Returns & Refunds

As we make our custom products to measure, we cannot offer refunds.

Once you place the order, our designer will be in touch with drawings for you to check, so you can be sure to have a final look and make any necessary alterations before we send the order to production. 

Read more about our refund policy here.

We guarantee that your desk will be made as per your order. Of course, in the unlikely circumstance that your product is not made as per your specification following the approval of drawings, we will refund or discuss amending the situation. It is essential that you check all measurements and details carefully.

And then check again.

And, yep, one more time . . ;)

Read more about our refund policy here.